Natalia Anani

What I can do

Most commonly completed requests are in these areas of expertese.


Theme customization, maintaining and promoting blogs, build websites to support small business, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs.

HTML5, CSS & CMS management

Hardcoding html and css, working with popular content management systems, such as Eloqua, Adobe CQ5, Marketo, SalesForce Exact Target and more.

Web Design and Graphic Design

Advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite allow me to help create a memorable user experience and unique design layouts for websites and online marketing campaigns. Website features

Features of my websites

Bootstrap or Wordpress

100% Mobile Responive

Recent studies show, that nearly 83% of worldwide internet access is from some kind of mobile devices.

Bootstrap 3.2

Framework which allows for your websites to have the latest technology perks and your website users to have a good experience.

SEO/SEM Friendly

Includes basic Search Engine Optimization and basic SEM set up, such as Google Universal account and submission to major search engines.

Wordpress + Social

Professionally self- managed websites or blog / Or I also provide services maintaining your website or social media account for a monthly fee.

My Story

Brief overview of my career journey in a casual way.

  • 2001-2004

    My career started at a Hotel Front Desk

    While attending a University of New Mexico for my Bachelors degree, I worked as a front desk agent. Later, as a reception supervisor at the hotels in Albuquerque.

    Fact: I have met more Hollywood stars during those years, than all of my life up to date.

    Question: Did you graduate? | Answer: Yes!

  • 2004 - 2008

    Hotel events and planning, task force team

    The dream job of traveling, planning events, conferences, weddings had its perks, such as not cleaning or cooking while living in hotels, working with all kinds of people and enjoying life in Austin,TX; Miami, FL; Peachtree, GA; Washinton, DC.

    Fact: I was enrolled in Marco Perella Film Studio acting classes while in Austin, and made extra cash modeling.

    Question: Did you have to train staff and wake up to cutomer complaints? | Answer: Yes

  • 2008-2012

    Sales and Marketing

    First full-time office job consisted of creating legally binding contracts, taught me to communicate, advise, be the expert in hotel services and help event planners.

    Fact: I applied to AAU in San Francisco in spur–of–the–moment, with no hopes to be ever accepted.

    Question: Did you want more out of your job? | Answer: Yes, I am one of those people who has to see immediate perfect results of their work, sales does not work that way.

  • 2012 - 2013

    SEO - Welcome to Silicon Valley Agency

    The best online services boot-camp ever! You can ask me anything now; how do google ads work? why emails go to spam? how to manage your blog? where to find resources and inspirations to be creative? how do search engine bots find you?

    Fact: This was the most educating year of my life, thanks to veryone on that team.

    Question: Was it hard to change your work industry? | Answer: I had a small concern, however, online marketing agency worked with major chain hotels, it was a smooth transition.

  • 2014

    Freelance, web design, web development

    Education is great in theory. I had to learn how to code hands on, so I decided to try freelancing. Exposed to major company contracts, I soon found a permanent home at a major bank, where I joined the team as a campaign designer and developer consultant.

    Fact: The hardest thing to do was to let go of permanent income and try something new.

    Question: Do you still freelance? | Answer: Yes, not as often. I only take on projects that either help community, or help with creativity.

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